Dragon Tiger Game Overview/龙虎玩法:

Dragon Tiger is one type of  poker games. One card each is drawn for the Dragon & then for the Tiger to compete the points. Dragon Tiger game famous in Asia and every online casino offer for this game.

How to Win:

You can wager on whether the Tiger’s hand or the Dragon’s hand has the higher points of card.

Participation Instructions and Bet Options:

  • Select the amount you would like to wager and dragging it on the ‘Dragon’ ‘Tiger’ or ‘Tie’ sections of the gaming table.
  • The dealer deals two cards. The two cards will be dealt face up, one to the Dragon first, then to the Tiger, the side with higher total wins.

Game Rule:

  • This game uses 6 decks of cards(each deck containing 52 cards). In total, there are 312 cards.
  • It competes the card points,King is the highest point & A is the lowest point , card 2 to 10 are based on the face value and 10<J<Q<K.The same point value is a “tie”.
  • Dealer will deal the first card on Dragon’s hand position, and then the second card to Tiger’s hand position. The hand who has highest point will be the winner.

Dealing Shoe Management

Live dealer needs to shuffle when changing the dealing shoe. After shuffling the cards,the pitboss will be confirm the result,and randomly insert a black card into the cards. The current round is the last round when the black card is dealt out of the dealing shoe. Live dealer shall finish the last game and apply for changing the dealing shoe. The remaining cards will be discarded.At the start of a new shoe, the dealer will turn over the first card from the dealing shoe. This will determine how many cards the dealer will burn, according to the face value, except jack, queen and king card will result in 10 cards burned. In every round,the dealer burn one card before drawing one each for Dragon and Tiger.

Bet Limit Description

Game Limit: The user’s bet limit is the intersection of the handicap and desk limit.The handicap is set up in when opening a account,and the desk limit depending on which desk the user enter into. For example,the users handicap is 100-20000, and enter into the desk limit is 1-10000, then the final bet limit is 100-10000.

Balance Bet Limit: Balance Bet Limit: In every game table, there is a balance gap limit for each pair of relative bet types, the differences between two relative bet types are only accepted within the balance gap limit value. The other no-relative bet types have a total value limit. This total value limit means the maximum total amount of specific betting type wager which can be bet within each game. The detail values,please check from the “Table Info”.

The DragonTiger relative bet types instructions: Dragon relative Tiger, the others is no-relative.


Bet Types Payoff
Dragon’s Hand 1 :1 (If the value of two cards are equal, you lose half of your bet.)
Tiger’s Hand 1 :1 (If the value of two cards are equal, you lose half of your bet.)
Tie 8 :1


  • Minimum and maximum bets are based on table limits. Player can place bets within the combined range of the table’s playtype bet limit and the player’s personal bet limit. If you would like to adjust your persoal bet limits,please contact customer services.
  • When cards are being dealt by the dealer, the system may or may not be able to read the cards, if the system is unable to read the card, the dealer will scan the card again until the system has read the card(if system is still unable to read the card, current round will be cancelled and all bets will be returned).
  • In case of incorrect settlement, settlements will be re-settled based on current video result.
  • The highest RTP% for this game is 96.30% based on live data.

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