The IBC003is a one-stop online betting site popular with players in Malaysia and Singapore, including online casinos, online sports betting, online slot machine poker games, horse / hound racing and 4D lottery betting.


IBC003 Sports Betting Offers over 500 sporting events to ensure that sports betting players have a wide variety of options for placing sports betting and a comprehensive report of all major football leagues and planets. The IBC003 has an efficient operations team that delivers quality service to ensure customers receive quick verification, quick bets and quick payments.


IBC003 Online Casino is a one-stop casino game with quality and high-definition video that presents beautiful casino view for customers to enjoy real casino feel, IBC003 offers many kinds and different casino views, customers are free to choose different feeling casino Under your bet, enjoy the beauty of the casino. IBC003’s online casino games include a selection of famous games like online baccarat, online blackjack, online dragon tiger, online Sic Bo, online mahjong and many casino table games.

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