Privacy Policy Confidentiality and Trading Security

Maintaining you is our number one priority, and we make sure that the privacy practices of our members are strictly enforced. When data or money is stored on our servers, your transactions will be pinned on SSL and secured using the latest PGP technology firewall technology.

Fair play

B133 To ensure the fairness of the game, the results are generated by the sophisticated Random Number Generator, which is completely random and beyond our control. In addition, to ensure that bonuses will not be captured by our own family, we will never allow our employees to participate in any of our entertainment services, nor should our employees participate in any promotions or tournaments.

Excellent customer service

Week ~ 24 hours a day on Sunday online customer service assistant for you to solve all kinds of products, activities, and questions.

Security rules

Each member is only allowed to register an account, we will perform a random safety check, in order to maintain the integrity of the system. If we find any member faking, violating or having evidence to prove you are suspected of fraud, according to the terms and conditions of our business; we will immediately close your account, forfeiture of account balances, and the pursuit of compensation payments, etc. to retrieve you.

Responsible betting

We want you to enjoy the game, and we do not force gambling, but we also understand that a small percentage of people may not necessarily be able to control their betting behavior at times, so I hope individuals will control themselves not to become addicts. In addition, social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy to ensure the stability of our customers and employees. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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