History of NAGAWORLD, Phnom Penh –  Cambodia

Amidst the picturesque terrain of the Mekong and Tonle Sap River lies the vibrant landmark of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. NagaWorld was birthed in year 1995 in the capital city of Cambodia, a city rich in Khmer history. According to legend, NagaWorld derived its name from the mythical fable of a 7-headed dragon or “Naga.” The majestic dragon was believed to be residing in the rivers and guarding the entrance to Phnom Penh. The tale revealed its only sighting during the appearance of a rainbow and was thus considered highly auspicious. Reminiscent of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, NagaWorld was thereafter likened to a promising symbol of new beginnings and prosperity.

Ever since, NagaWorld has attracted a broad range of guests from the free-spirited holiday maker seeking comfortable hideaway, the intrepid world traveller, and the gaming connoisseur. Today, NagaWorld is recognized as the finest integrated casino-hotel in Indochina, rivaling top Southeast Asian and world-renowned casinos. With a multi-faceted 8-storey wing dedicated to entertainment, the spirit of adventure is effervescent in the exquisitely themed public gaming halls, karaoke lounges and gaming machines. The combined offering of more than 1658 luxurious Deluxe Rooms and plush Suites in the 13-storey Hotel Wing and a dedicated spa, you will enjoy lavish comforts and an invigorating time of discovery that extend beyond the norm. Our guests and walk-in customers will also appreciate the 14 Food & Beverage outlets available on site, the live band and the 2 clubs.

May 1995

  • NagaWorld was incepted by Founder, President & CEO – Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Chen Lip Keong
  • NagaWorld Limited is a subsidiary of NagaCorp Ltd, a public listed Gaming and Entertainment Company on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd
  • The casino has been in operations since May 1995 in a ship docked at the Mekong River; the hotel was incepted in December 2006
  • The strategic locations at Mekong and Tonle Sap River are believed to augur good fortune and luck
  • The idea was to operate a floating casino for Phnom Penh on the national river of the nation
  • Through an audited international bidding, NagaWorld was given exclusive rights and monopoly as a licensed entertainment complex

1996 to 2001

  • From a floating casino, a successful NagaWorld continued to pursue business development and was relocated to the prime area of Sam Dech Hun Sen Park, a favorable sign of prosperity and good fortune
  • Between 1996 to 2001, the Kingdom of Cambodia went through tumultuous times both economically and politically – the visionary leadership of Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Chen Lip Keong steered the ship on the right course and propelled NagaWorld on clear waters, anchoring on “the land of milk and honey,” creating a best-in-class brand product and beacon in Indochina
  • Since then, the casino evolved to one of the finest integrated Hotels and entertainment hubs in the region
  • From a mediocre 100 rooms, NagaWorld progressively expanded to 250 rooms, and more recently, to a 14-storey 502-room best-in-class Hotel with international facilities, services and entertainment

2001 to 2012

  • Deep-rooted as an entertainment complex, NagaWorld continued to architecturally transform to a full-fledge property with eleven (11) Food & Beverage outlets that include Khmer banquet, Chinese, Italian, French, Korean, Intercontinental, Club Lounge, Aristocrat Cigar & Wine Bar, Darling Darling, dedicated spa with stay-in rooms, health & fitness centre, premium shopping gallery, etc.
  • NagaWorld built a name as one of the newest entertainment venues in Cambodia with a grand pillarless ballroom that accommodates more than 1,000 persons, complimented with state-of-the-art technology, touch-screen facilities and M.I.C.E. conveniences
  • NagaWorld’s expansion cultivated an unique corporate culture and grew from a handful of employees, to a current team size of more than 3,000 associates
  • NagaWorld’s visitor count has increased manifolds with more than 1,000% growth over the last decade and increasing what with new market entries from neighbouring countries
  • NagaWorld enjoys a healthy number of visitors from Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan etc
  • In spite of global downturns and economic challenges, NagaWorld remained steadfast and turned adversity into triumphs, achieving one milestone after another
  • Collaborating with The Ministry of Tourism, the Kingdom of Cambodia, NagaWorld sets her eyes on the wider region, with new initiatives and global presence in Vietnam, Hong Kong/Greater China, Malaysia, Indonesia etc
  • As the beacon of an integrated entertainment hub in Indochina, NagaWorld remains in the front-line and continuously redefines the industry, assuming market leader position

NAGA 2 –  Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2012 and beyond

  • NagaWorld has added 7 luxury suites and a penthouse along with 2 premium gaming suites.
  • Celebrating its 20 years of success and accomplishments, NagaWorld continues to raise the bar of excellence to enhance NagaWorld as the country’s leading hotel and entertainment.
  • At the 9th level of NagaWorld , there is now a pool with a noodle bar as well as another gaming suites.
  • NagaWorld is expanding! The development of Naga City Walk, consisting of a duty-free with the anchor tenant of China Duty Free and many other luxury international brands, will enhance our customers’ experience upon its completion in 2017.
  • Along with this, Nagacorp is building Naga2, which includes additional 1000 rooms, 38 luxury VIP suites, a 2500 seaters theatre, along with additional gaming space and a car park. Naga2 is designed by Paul Steelman, widely recognized as a designer of giant entertainment, hospitality and gaming architecture worldwide.



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